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Cantrip is a fast-acting alternative to traditional edibles, with each low-dose can featuring 3 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD, and each high-dose

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Perfect for a night out with friends or a night in on your couch, this edible brings a whole new meaning to

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Betty’s Eddies

At Betty’s Eddies, they’re all about good, clean, fun.

Their mission is simple – do good for the community, cook with only clean ingredients and spread

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FloraCal Farms

FloraCal’s team of master cultivators hand select the finest genetics and cater their small-batch, sustainable farming techniques to each cultivar’s unique needs. FloraCal utilizes 100%

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Vibations Cannabis

Energize your body and mind with Vibations High + Energy drink mix, infused with natural caffeine from guarana and full-spectrum cannabis. Each mix is precision-dosed, made with

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