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GGG: Charlton's Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Charlton, MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Talles Martins
    02/21/2024 09:35 PM
    Customer Service is TOP NOTCH!!! Comprehensive , qualified crew, creativity to solve customer issues.
  • Steven Branton
    02/17/2024 03:04 PM
    David from the Marboro store gave me excellent advice and helping me on the phone as a medical patient. I love to see employees, go above and beyond for our medical patients.
  • Midnight WinterSky
    02/14/2024 04:56 AM
  • Christopher McMullen
    02/13/2024 04:12 PM
    Review is a bit late, but probably one the best experinces I've had at a dispensary. Nicole, was a great help, welcoming & had great description of flower that actually had the effects I desired. The staff has a good knowledge & experience about the products for sale if you ask.
  • Hannah Duston
    02/05/2024 01:22 AM
    I go out of my way to stop at Green Gold whenever I’m passing through. The fruit Gems for sleep just really help me out with that little extra relaxation before sleep, making being a college student a whole lot easier. They’re amazing.
  • Thomas Gadbois
    01/31/2024 05:13 PM
  • Nicole Macleod
    01/21/2024 07:47 PM
    Thank you Jill G for the sweetest service as always! I appreciate you! Yunacorn and Lemonz is amazing and a must try if you haven't already! ✌🏻 ❤️ 👽
  • Sheila Quinones
    01/21/2024 06:58 PM
    Nicole rocks in customer service. She was also very helpful providing products feedback.
  • Jody Greika
    01/12/2024 03:22 PM
    I just have to say that the Charlton location has the best customer service. The people that work the door and the girls who are always there during the week, are just amazing. The products and the prices are great also. But the customer service is impeccable. Not easy to find in 2024. I’m bad with names but my girl with the eyelashes is always great at recommendations. Thanks ladies!
  • Amy Schetzel
    01/02/2024 11:03 AM
    Excellent staff! Very helpful with all questions! Refer many of my patients from Canna-Wise.